This is Cristian Raul Morales’ first venture into politics, running as a Republican for California Senator. Cristian brings valuable experience in other ways, leveraging his personal and business qualifications. Born in Guatemala and raised by highly educated Guatemalan parents, the family immigrated to the U.S. during the 1970’s Cold War. Inspired by his family, Cristian went on to earn a Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations and a Bachelor of Science in Management from Cornell and Purdue. A 20+ year career spent in manufacturing factories (Automotive/Aerospace/Defense) leading multicultural teams from every demographic and age group, combined with his early upbringing in Guatemala has shaped Cristian into an insightful and broad-minded leader. His political belief system stems from his personal background and management approach – he genuinely connects with people and is known in the workplace as an advocate For All Voices. A fair-minded, accomplished businessman, Cristian wants to take that further into politics focusing on California’s labor movement, immigration, and economic issues.


Be the Labor Candidate for Governor of California, and the first Latino representing the voices of the working class — improve the quality of education to give Californians the skills needed to be competitive in the market, and make it affordable to do business in the state again, bringing back job opportunities for the disenfranchised blue-collar worker. Immigration will also be at the forefront of Cristian’s plan, aligning with the work already begun with his non-profit Northern Triangle.

The main pillars that I aim to address as Senator are the economy, Covid, housing costs, crime, homelessness, health care, and civil rights. California is ranked worst or near the bottom in every measurable metric regarding the above. Governor Gavin Newsom is failing us and causing an exodus of jobs from California that has accelerated since he became Governor. His inaction to resolve these issues or worse willful actions will lead to a loss of the majority of manufacturing and working-class manual labor jobs from California. The Democratic Party has moved on from being the party of labor to the party of elites, Big Tech, Hollywood, and the media. The Republican Party is now the party of labor and owes it to the working class to advocate for them. Companies that once would consider California as a place to do business now no longer even would consider moving their company to California.

Together, with your support, we can make a change - revitalize the California Dream. It won’t be easy. The deck is stacked against us. However, with faith, we can begin to turn and improve things around for all Californians.